Teacher and author Tony Wilson, born with facial paralysis, hosts this engaging documentary on the symptoms, treatments, and social pressures related to the rare neurological disorder Moebius syndrome.  (Trailer for the feature documentary now in production)

A wayward adolescent, shunned by his selfish older-brother, searches for direction in life at the local cinema until the neighborhood lush becomes his unlikely father figure.

In this harrowing true story, the neglected son of an R&B legend born with Moebius Syndrome develops the inner strength to overcome the world’s cruel taunts long before the medical miracle that allows him to smile for the first time.


Based on the life of Tony Wilson

Written by Tony Wilson & Curt Sell

Flamboyant Joel Schumacher directs the rock ‘n’ roll sequel to the comic book movie, but Daredevil star Ben Affleck is way out of shape. (skit from the half-hour variety show pilot, Got Jokes? created by Grammy winner Greg Lawson)

Written by Curt Sell

1947, a scheming wife hires a bold detective to find the dirt on her wealthy, inventor husband.  Instead he discovers a dying boy kept alive by the world’s first mechanical heart.